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Marion Walsh

"I've had the pleasure of featuring the lovely Marion Walsh on my radio program. Her songs are airplay-worthy and Marion will definitely have longevity in the music business. Listeners certainly agree, she is one talented singer/songwriter. If you haven't already, be sure to check her out. Her latest release "Ricochet" is a 5-star project."
Tom Lambert Producer/ Presenter, The Independent Music Show, UK

"I absolutely love this artist...she is amazing!" (Read full review at
-Pino Libonato, Big Music Editor

" 'Ricochet' is Marion Walsh's latest CD release. Let me tell you, this lady oozes talent. She reminds me of Joni Mitchell. Her vocals are enticing, her melodies pure, her songwriting, crafty. She is also a fantastic musician.
This entire CD is filled with great music, not to be missed. The musicians are stellar and the production quality 5 star. We've heard from Marion Walsh in the past but this latest CD clearly takes it to the next level. Folk, Blues, Country & Americana weave their magic together to create enticing ear candy for the listener. DJ's all over the world approve, as Walsh is definitely becoming a household name in several countries abroad. Live, she doubt about that. Ladies & Gentlemen, now this is music!!"

-Country Music News International Magazine

"Good ol’ girl with a gypsy soul...zesty songwriting that comes right from the heart..."
-Chris Spector / Midwest Record Recap

"...clearly Walsh is a multi-talented artist..."
-Armando Canales / The Critical Review

"...a truly independent spirit with a real gift for singing & playing about life & the living!"

" musical soul that heaven let escape for a little while so we could all enjoy her blessings."
-J-Sin /

"This lady can sing, sing, sing and then sing some more. Plus she plays several instruments like very few have the talent to do."
-Roots Music Review

"About the song (Tell Me) by Marion, it’s a wonderful folk ballad & has strong lyrics too. Great artist! I will give it airplay."
-Rudy Minnaert / Terneuzen FM, The Netherlands

"An Americana (or should we dare to call her a “Canadiana”?) single “Tell Me” from Marion Walsh’s album “Home To Home” is a genuine example & delivery of folk/country music. The blend of acoustic and slide guitar, harmonica and the vocals brings you right in the moment of when Marion wrote the song. You are experiencing it with her all over again.There are also much fuller and complex tracks on the album leaning more towards country. Overall the album will leave you with a peacefulness in your heart and mind.”
-Dr.Octavo /

" 'Tell Me' unfolds the truth of a situation painfully obvious, so beautifully captured and expressed by songstress Marion Walsh; like sunshine gracefully peeking through summer leaves"
-Siva Chandran /

"Marion’s sound is great!!!!"
-Claire O'Brien, UK /

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